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This blog sets out to compile all the interviews with international acts that were aired on the various shows on 106FMJ, making them easily accessible and downloadable, for the first time, to the international audience.

To download mp3's of the interviews, right click and "save as", or just left click and listen to it through your browser (usually works fine).

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Interviews aired on Musiachla (with Omri Grinberg):

Billy Gould (Faith No More, Brujeria, Koolarrow Records)

Jason Kocol Part I, Part II (Impaled)

Seat down with David Eugene Edwards Part I, Part II (Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower)

Dale Crover (The Melvins, Altamont, Nirvana, Fantomas, Peeping Tom and more)

Faun Fables (Dawn McCarthy and Nils Frykdahl of Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Idiotflesh, Charming Hostess)

Jewlia Eisenberg (Charming Hostess)

On the phone with David Eugene Edwards (Woven Hand, 16 Horsepower)

The Conformist (with Eran Funt):

Black Francis (AKA Frank Black, The Pixies)

The 106FMJ Show:

Emily Wells and Kelli Rudick (Hosted by Erez Bet Halachmi and Tamar Malinovitch)
The Apples (hosted by Boaz "Buzi" Eilam, in Hebrew)

Oy Division (Boaz Eilam, in Hebrew)

Dub Trio (Omri Grinberg)

OM (Omri Grinberg and Inbal Rostoker)

OVO (Dudu Hamenahem)

Kevin Blechdom (Naama Mas)

Rockfour (Boaz Eilam and Asaf Antman, in Hebrew)

The Black Lips (Omri Grinberg, Dudu Hamenahem, Lee-Or Astro and others)

Daniel Zamir, formerly from Satlah and on John Zorn's Tzadik label (Omri Grinberg, Asaf Antman and Ofer Tsemach, in Hebrew)

Katamine, aka Asaf Tager, used to be Elliott Smith's guitar player (Dudu Hamenham, in Hebrew)

L'ocelle Mare, used to be half of the French duo Cheval De Frise (Omri Grinberg, Asaf Antman)

Rabies Caste (Dudu Hamenahem, in Hebrew)

Jon Rose (Omri Grinberg)

Ascolat Rock (with Dudu Hamenham):

Nash Wylen (Woodjen Ships)

Josh Jones (Evangelicals)

Josephine Foster

Met al Metal (with the Peleg Brothers):

Per Sanstrom (Sabaton)

Maskingtape (with Naama Mas):

Peter Hammil of Van Der Graaf Generator (originally broadcasted on Kol Hacampus, 106FM Tel Aviv)

Tocotronic Part I, Tocotornic Part II

Troy Balthazar

Magnetic Fields Part I, Part II

The Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Show (Oded Fluss and Oren Siegel):


Zach Hill (Hella, Goon Moon and many more)

The Donnas

Andy Cairns of Therapy?

Aids Wolf

Yvonne Cornelius A.K.A. Niobe

Eric Paul from The Chinese Stars and Arab on Radar

Yako from Melt Banana

Trevor Dunn and Kenny Wollesen

Justin Pearson

Wir Sind Helden special show + exclusive interview with Mark Tavassol

Dillinger Escape Plan

Otto Von Schirach

Juliette and The Licks + Exclusive Interview with Juliette Lewis

Electronic Shrink (with Tamar Malinovitch and Lili Daie):

Elephant Parade


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